Wedding wear for brides and grooms

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I have a friend who got married in the 80’s and her dress looks like some thing Little Bo Peep would have worn. She won’t mind me saying that. She’s experienced various emotions regarding her wedding dress. Obviously she thought she was the most dazzling bride ever on the day she wore it but just a few short years later a little bit of doubt began to creep in. That was followed by several years of mortification only to be replaced now by humour. There was a long phase where she carefully hid her wedding photo behind lots of other framed pictures in the house but now she likes to use it as a warning to her 3 daughters whenever they are going out wearing the latest ‘in’ thing.

So how do you get it right when it comes to choosing your dress or suit?

Well needless to say, suits are a bit easier. Go for something ‘classic’ and you won’t go too far wrong. There are of course plenty of people who go married in the 70’s who have photos of the shiny blue suits with the big lapels to remind them of the decade but for the most part suits don’t change much. Ties get fatter and thinner and cummerbunds go in and out of fashion but if you go to a really good suit shop you’ll get good guidance. If you can afford it, get a suit made to measure. Unlike the wedding dress, you’ll probably get lots of use out of it in the years that follow.

Wedding dresses are a different matter. It can be a big decision and even brides who swear they won’t get caught up in the hype about it may find themselves losing sleep over it at some point.
Thankfully, with the move away from traditional church weddings, there is is much more scope for wearing pretty much anything you want.
If you do want to go down the white dress route, have a look back through weddings over the last few decades and see what style has stood the test of time. Look at pictures from Vogue, or Google celebrity weddings to see what dresses look as attractive today as they did 20/30/40 years ago.

In more recent times, bridal wear has see lots of variety due to the changing nature of weddings. There might be one bride on the day, or there might be two. It might be a second wedding, and there might be children involved. The venue might be some where less traditional that could lend itself to more relaxed bridal wear.

I recently married a bride who wore a blue dress with polka dots. She looked lovely! It was a very small, low key wedding and she wanted a dress she could wear loads of times. Even though she wasn’t in white, she looked very much like a bride as she walked into the room with her bouquet, and she was relaxed and comfortable for the whole day.

Really, your wedding wear can be whatever you want because after all, it is your wedding day. When I got married I really wanted to wear sparkly sneakers under my wedding dress but my mother told me she would disown me if I did (no pressure then…). I still regret not putting my foot down (pun intended!) but at that stage I was in “anything for a quiet life” mode so I wore high heels which came off as soon as we sat down to eat.


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