Picking a month to get married in Ireland? Better think carefully!

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I was reading about old Irish wedding traditions recently and I came across this verse. The website I found it on says it’s an old marriage song but whatever it’s origins, it makes for humorous reading. So if you’re having trouble picking a month, we’ve got you covered… 😉


Marry when the year is new, always loving, kind, and true.
When February birds do mate, you may wed, nor dread your fate.

If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you’ll know.
Marry in April when you can, joy for maiden and for man.

Marry in the month of May, you will surely rue the day.
Marry when June roses blow, over land and sea you’ll go.

They who in July do wed, must labour always for their bread.
Whoever wed in August be, many a change are sure to see.

Marry in September’s shine, your living will be rich and fine.
If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry.

If you wed in bleak November, only joy will come, remember.
When December’s rain fall fast, marry and true love will last.


Clearly May was not a month you’d want to be getting married in, which is kind of ironic as May sometimes has the best weather in Ireland! January is the least popular month despite guaranteeing ‘always loving, kind and true’. As for September, I’m still waiting for the rich and fine living that’s been promised to me…!


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