Ceremony Enhancements – the why and how of what they are.

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One of the things that makes bespoke ceremonies so special is the inclusion of ceremony enhancements.  But what exactly is a ceremony enhancement, and why have one?

Ceremony enhancements are a visual representation of your commitment to each other. There are a meaningful ritual included in the ceremony and will have been specially chosen by you both.


(photo credit: magicalmemories.ie)


Unity Candles

One of the most widely used ceremony enhancements, the unity candles involves flames, which are symbolic in many ways – the burning love the couple have for each other, the light which will guide them on their journey through life together, the coming together of the two families… Typically, the couple will each light a candle and then will use their separate candles to light a larger central candle. There may also be another candle lighting nearby, which is there to remember departed family or friends.


(photo credit: magicalmemories.ie)


Hand Fasting

An ancient ritual which involves a symbolic tying together of the couples hands, it is thought to be the origin of the phrase ‘tying the knot’.  After the couples hands have been bound together, they may then ask friends or family members to come up to add more ribbons, with different colours representing things such as love, health, wealth etc.



Sand Ceremony

Anyone with a connection to the sea will love the idea of the sand ceremony. The couple each have a jar of sand from a place that has special meaning to them and they jointly pour their sand into a central container. This symbolises their coming together in a way that means they can never be separated. Alternatively, the couple may like to use coloured sand, with the colours symbolising things such as gold for unity, black for strength etc If either of the couple has got children, they too can add sand, representing the blending together of families.



Wine box and love letters

For those fond of the finer things in life, the idea of putting aside a good bottle of wine to savour years after your wedding may appeal to you. The couple write a letter to the other, outlining their reasons for getting married and what it is they love so much about the other person. These are put, unopened, in a box with the bottle of wine. At a some point in the future, maybe on a significant anniversary or if you hit a bump in the road of life, you open the wine and the letters, to remind each other of why you got married and how special your relationship is. The bottle is then replaced, along with the letters, until another time.



Oathing Stone

Another ancient tradition, the couple place their hands on a special stone while saying their vows. Thereafter their relationship is ‘set in stone’. The stone maybe engraved, and afterwards it is put in your garden, or in your house as a sign of the solid foundation on which your marriage was built.



Tree Planting

The tree is a symbol of your life together. It requires tender care and nurturing, and is a reminder that you are putting down roots and will grow together in love. After the ceremony you can plant  the tree in your garden, or in a place which is special to you both.


Are there other ceremony enhancements that should be included? Let me know in the comments!

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